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Our concept

Full service

We offer a ”one-stop” solution for everything you need from planning to execution, reporting and further use of the data. All our measurements, and even sample preparation, can be done in the client’s premises or a location selected by the client. We also offer solutions for drilling as well as land geophysics and borehole geophysics data acquisition through our trusted partners.


Reliable results quickly and securely

All our devices are modern, calibrated and follow standards, or if there are no standards, are the de facto standard laboratory devices in that field. You will get the results quickly and reliably. If you so wish, the samples will never leave your premises.


Put a stop to guesswork

We can help you restrict your geophysical models based on true physical property values measured in the laboratory. We also offer quality control and auditing of third-party petrophysical and borehole geophysics data, as well as the development of internal guidelines and instructions for measurements, data processing and documentation.


We will provide everything you need


• Planning of the measurements

• Sample selection

• Sample preparation

• Measurements at the client’s premises or in our laboratory

• Processing, interpretation and reporting of the results

• Calibration and harmonisation of legacy petrophysical and geophysical data

• Quality control and auditing of petrophysical and borehole geophysical data

• Development of standards and instructions for measument, data processing etc.

• Training in petrophysics and borehole geophysics


Solutions for drilling, land geophysics and borehole geophysics are available from our trusted partners. We’ll take care of it for you.


Currently our suite of measurements includes the following

• Bulk density
• Magnetic susceptibility
• Galvanic resistivity
• Chargeability
• Time-domain IP-effect
• Inductive conductivity
• Relative dielectric permittivity
• Thermal conductivity
• Thermal effusivity
• P- and S-wave velocities
• Leeb-hardness
• Non-destructive UCS value estimate


From the properties we measure, the following can be determined

• All dynamic elastic properties
• Thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity
• Other standard hardness scale values


All our measurements, and even sample preparation, can be done in the client’s premises or a location selected by the client.


Through our trusted partners we can also provide

• Grain density and porosity
• Remanent magnetisation
• Frequency-domain IP-effect
• Traditional mechanical testing
• Quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis
• SEM automated mineralogy

About us

Rock Physics Finland Ltd was founded in 2018 by two experienced geophysicists. We specialise in the physical properties of rocks, rock mass and building materials, specifically for the needs of exploration, mining and rock construction. Our laboratory is in Kerava, Finland. We are a Reliable Partner®.


Risto Kiuru is a geophysicist (M.Sc., BBA) specialising in rock physics and currently working part-time towards a doctoral degree in rock mechanics while actively working as an independent consultant for various civil engineering and mining projects. He has more than 10 years of experience in rock physics and rock mechanics laboratory testing, borehole geophysics and field geophysics related to the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, exploration, mining, and rock construction.


Risto is the co-author of the 2012 Finnish textbook Petrofysiikan perusteet (Basics of Petrophysics), 12 Posiva working reports, 2 top level POSIVA-reports, and various conference and journal papers. Since 2019, he has served as a member in the ISRM Commission on Testing Methods, and in the ISRM Commission on Radioactive Waste Disposal. In 2022, he was selected as a national expert in ISO/TC 182, and as the national delegate for ISO/TC 182/WG 10 “Laboratory testing of rocks”. He is currently involved in the preparation of two ISRM Suggested Methods and two ISO standards.


Risto Kiuru
FM (Geofysiikka), BBA (Safety, security and risk management)
050 374 1106

Talkootie 39 A 17
01350 Vantaa

Alikeravantie 80
04250 Kerava

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Risto Kiuru
M.Sc. (Geophysics), BBA (Safety, security and risk management)
Founder and CEO
+358 50 374 1106

Mailing address
Talkootie 39 A 17
FI-01350 Vantaa, Finland

Alikeravantie 80
FI-04250 Kerava, Finland